Rishi Agrawal

Rishi Agrawal, the owner of The Agrawal Firm, LLC, graduated from Northwestern University in 1995 and Loyola University Law School in 1998. After his law school graduation, he worked at the Will County Public Defender’s Office. There, he handled approximately twenty jury trials and over fifty bench trials in both felony and misdemeanor matters. Next, Rishi began working as an Associate at Segal, McCambridge, Singer & Mahoney, a mid-sized Chicago law firm. At Segal, McCambridge, Rishi expertly handled toxic tort, complex commercial litigation, and products liability cases.  Prior to starting an independent law practice, Rishi also worked for several years at Eimer Stahl Klevorn & Solberg. While an associate at Eimer Stahl, Rishi handled complex commercial litigation and toxic tort matters. At both of these firms, Rishi worked with partners and independently handled countless depositions, hearings, arbitrations/mediations, and served as a second chair for a civil jury trial.

After a decade of diverse legal experience and with a desire to serve both the general and Indian-American community, Rishi started The Agrawal Firm, LLC, in the Spring of 2007.  The firm has enjoyed considerable success while representing individuals, small businesses and mid-size companies.  Rishi has personally managed and litigated complex commercial cases, family law, criminal law, and general corporate matters.  Rishi has represented commercial clients in multimillion-dollar class action and commercial litigation matters.  In criminal cases, Rishi has represented individuals accused of first-degree murder and attempted murder at their jury trials.  On a day-to-day basis, Rishi counsels small and mid-sized companies with ongoing legal issues essentially as an outside general counsel.  He has also taken on and defeated larger companies taking advantage of smaller businesses and individuals.

Rishi offers unparalleled personal, efficient, and quality legal services.  He prides himself on “moving the ball forward” to obtain the most favorable results for clients in a cost-effective manner. Through this aggressive and substantive business-first approach, Rishi has successfully challenged the legality of contracts, defeated large lawsuits by taking a unique and thoughtful approach to the law, and negotiated highly regarded agreements.

Rishi has been active specifically in the Indian-American legal and general community.  He has remained especially focused on leading various efforts in the Indian-American community through his firm and roles in various legal organizations.  For instance, he has represented multinational IT companies, and franchise businesses such as hotels and restaurants, owned by members of the Indian community.  Rishi has also had the privilege to provide legal assistance to victims of Hate Crimes in the Indian-American community. Rishi is one of the past presidents of the Indian American Bar Association (IABA), Asian American Bar Association of Chicago (AABA), the former Executive Director for the National South Asian Bar Association (NASABA), and chaired the 2005 NAPABA convention held in Chicago.  Currently, Rishi serves as Secretary on the Board of Directors for the Indo-American Center (IAC).  He has been a board member since 2014.  Prior to serving on the Board of Directors, Rishi helped restart a pro-bono legal clinic at the IAC, which is now one of the largest pro-bono legal clinics in Chicago.  Aside from his roles in legal organizations, Rishi has taken an interest in his local school community at South Loop Elementary School by currently serving a second elected term on the Local School Council (LSC), and spearheading community and fundraising efforts to help the school continue to thrive.  Rishi has also coached the South Loop Elementary Debate Team for several years, and helped the team’s membership increase, and bring home countless awards in quarterly debate tournaments.  In an effort to further the Indian community’s understanding and appreciation for legal issues facing minorities, Rishi previously wrote a weekly legal column for the Indian Reporter. Rishi currently lives in the South Loop with his family.