The Agrawal Firm, LLC represents small and midsize companies in general corporate matters including, but not limited to:

Incorporation and Organization

The Agrawal Firm, LLC has assisted numerous companies in forming C corporations and LLCs. The firm has experience with drafting operating agreement, bylaws, and advising on a number of “setup” issues.


The Agrawal Firm, LLC has reviewed and drafted a countless number of contracts in a variety of business areas. The firm can help ensure that all of your rights are being protected before entering into a contractual relationship.


Companies in certain industries must comply with governmental regulations. The Agrawal Firm, LLC can help advise and counsel a company to ensure that it is in compliance with the necessary provisions.

Labor and Employment

Companies must take steps to ensure that they are complying with statutory and common law labor and employment requirements. The Agrawal Firm, LLC can help ensure that your company will not violate such provisions and face potential significant liability.


A company has a variety of challenges on a daily basis. The biggest mistake a business can make is not seeking legal advice. A company can help protect its financial interests and prevent costly litigation by taking a little extra time and cost to seek legal advice upfront.