The Agrawal Firm, LLC specializes in representing small and midsize companies in commercial litigation matters for both Plaintiffs and Defendants. These matters include, but are not limited to:

Breach of Contract

The firm has represented countless clients in successfully seeking the enforcement of contracts when faced with non-payment or non-performance. The firm has also relied on its experience and knowledge of the contractual legal rights of parties in defending companies against efforts to enforce unlawful contract provisions.

Consumer Fraud/Fraud

Companies are regularly faced with a fraud based legal matter. It is vital to seek the support of an experienced law firm that can help you prevail in either prosecuting or defending against fraud based allegations. The Agrawal Firm, LLC has regularly fought for its clients under both statutory and common law based fraud claims.

Unjust Enrichment/Estoppel

Companies are often entangled in complex business disputes that require a different and thoughtful approach to protect their legal rights. Even when not protected by contract or statute, there are multiple options to enforce your legal rights such as unjust enrichment and estoppel. The Agrawal Firm, LLC has prosecuted and defended multiple claims involving unjust enrichment and estoppel matters.


At the outset of a legal matter, The Agrawal Firm, LLC has displayed a unique ability to assess the expected results, the nature and types of legal issues that will be presented, the costs and time involved, and the necessary strategy to achieve positive results. The firm works in close partnership with the client to aggressively achieve successful judgments while being respectful of the business interests of the client.